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Seyi Akinlade and Josef Adamu’s “Kimono Kid” to Debut at TIFF Lightbox

Seyi Akinlade of UAX Studio and Josef Adamu will debut their film, “Kimono Kid,” at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto on 5th of July, marking the beginning of its worldwide premiere tour. The film follows a young man who takes up martial arts while battling inner turmoil and dealing with grief.  Through his training, he rediscovers his sense of purpose and identity.  

Akinlade and Adamu are respected voices in the independent film scene, known for their thought-provoking narratives and compelling character-driven stories. With “Kimono Kid”, their aim was to push the boundaries of storytelling and explore the human condition and have already praised it as “a work of art” that stays with the viewer long after the end credits.

According to Seyi and Josef, collaborating on this project has deepened their value for combining artistic strengths, broadening their perspectives on visual storytelling and reinforcing the importance of collaboration in bringing a narrative to life.

According to them, “Kimono Kid” stands as a testament to their growth in creating stories that are emotionally resonant and visually compelling.

Fans of their previous works will want to attend this premiere at the renowned TIFF Lightbox which will be followed by a panel discussion featuring the directors. The screening provides an exclusive early look at Akinlade and Adamu’s latest cinematic achievement before its wider release and audiences can expect a deeply moving portrait of one man’s journey to overcome adversity through discipline and finding inner strength.

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