“Rock City” Movie by James Abinini Wraps Filming in Abeokuta

The Story

James Abinibi is set to take moviegoers into the heart of Abeokuta with a brand-new feature that just wrapped filming.

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Rock City delves into the intricate dynamics of love, crime, ambition, and justice within the bustling heart of Abeokuta. The narrative transitions seamlessly between the vibrant urban life and the hidden underworld lurking in the shadows.

Written, produced, and directed by James Abinibi, with cinematography by Taiwo Adeleye, the film is a collaborative effort involving co-producers Felix Olojede and Foluke Daramola, alongside an executive team led by James Abinibi and supported by a roster of co-executive producers.

Together, they bring the vision of Rock City to fruition under the banner of “Rockbottom Flix”. It Stars  Kunle Remi, Chidi Mokeme, Shaffy Bello, Foluke Dramola and a host of others.

Key Background

James Abinibi is a multifaceted filmmaker, serving as a director, producer, and writer. Known for his feature films like The Call, The Cleanser, and Last Request, as well as the upcoming Miss PJ starring Sola Sobowale and Bimbo Ademoye, Abinibi’s work has garnered recognition at major film festivals worldwide, including the African Film Festival in London where he received the Best Director award in 2019.

As the founder of Rockbottom Flix a TV and film production company based in Lagos, Nigeria, Abinibi draws inspiration from his surroundings and personal experiences.

He is dedicated to crafting films that provoke emotions and stimulate thought processes beyond mere entertainment.


Exclusive Interview 

In an exclusive interview, James Abinibi, the writer, director, and executive producer of Rock City, provided insights into the motivations behind the film. Abinibi explained that Rock City offers a unique take on the conventional love story, exploring themes of love, power, loyalty, and freedom in a complex world. They emphasized the relevance of the story in today’s society, citing its exploration of universal themes such as power dynamics, corruption, and the human quest for redemption.

Regarding the development process, Abinibi revealed that it took a couple of weeks to develop the story, with the initial draft completed in just three days. They highlighted the meticulous crafting of narrative arcs and thematic elements, emphasizing the swift progression from concept to final draft within two weeks.

During the interview, Abinibi expressed excitement about the project, particularly the opportunity to bring Rock City to life on screen. They conveyed enthusiasm for immersing audiences in the vibrant yet perilous world of Abeokuta, capturing the intense emotional journey of the characters, and creating a visually dynamic and immersive cinematic experience.

When asked about personal connections to the story, Abinibi emphasized their affinity for the narrative’s universal themes of love, human nature, morality, and redemption. While they may not have direct personal connections to the events portrayed, they are passionate about bringing compelling narratives to life and creating impactful cinematic experiences for global audiences.

In Summary 

Rock City is produced as a direct-to-stream title with a release and platform datils soon to be announced.

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