“ODYSSEY”: Abba Makama To Capture Yoruba Music Legacy From 1930’s in New Doc Film

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The conveners of Fuji Opera have announced the making of Odyssey, a new film doc that will narrate the origins, history and global acceptance of Yoruba music. 


Tell Me More 

Directed by Abba T. Makama and produced by Bobo Omotayo, Odyssey is a documentary of Yoruba music history from the 1930s to its current global domination with today’s Afrobeats.

After observing how Yoruba music has evolved over the years from genres like Sakara, Apala, Ajiwere, Fuji, Juju, Highlife, Afrobeats and more. This documentary has been made to provide an artistic presentation of Yoruba music for young artists charting new paths for its growth and relevance for future generations.

Odyssey will consist of intelligent conversations with key influencers, promoters, band members and artists from one generation to the other, tracking how Yoruba music gained global relevance.

The documentary is Executive produced by Papa Omotayo and Tosin Ashafa.

Key Background 

Abba T. Makama is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist from Nigeria. His feature film debut “Green White Green” had its 2016 world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.

Abba is a co-founding member of the Surreal 16 collective and S16 Film Festival. The S16 collective released their anthology film “Juju Stories”, which won the Boccalino D’oro Award for Best Film at Locarno 2021.



The backers of this doc are also the conveners of Fuji Vibration, an annual cultural phenomenon, celebrating the rich history of Fuji music and its enthralling influence on popular culture.

Launched in 2020, this event has hosted iconic Fuji artists including K1 De Ultimate, Abass Obesere, Alabi Pasuma, Saheed Osupa, KS1 Malaika, Yeye Eniba, Omo Aje Wasiu, Sulaimon Adio Atawewe, and SK Sensation.

Lagos State Government, LASPARK, LASAA, Mezovest, Coca-Cola Hellenic and Eclipse Live are major partners and collaborators for the event that is held every December.

In Summary 

Legacy local artists with genres like Sakara, Apala, Ajiwere, Fuji, and Juju played on international stages.

With filmmaker Abba Makama and Bobo Omotayo teaming up to take on this documentary on Yoruba music history, audiences will be able to see how the Yoruba music industry has evolved over hundreds of years from its local audience to the overall global stage.

Odyssey is slated for release in 2025.

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