Obi Emelonye Directs Igbo True Life Epic “Out Of Breath” – Watch Official Teaser

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 Kanayo O. Kanayo, Chidi Mokeme, Jide Kene Achufusi, Ebele Okaro, and Queen Nwokoye star in Out of Breath, an epic Igbo tale by  Obi Emelonye


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Out of Breath, is a KAN Production directed by Obi Emelonye and written by Ngozi Ideh, it delves into the depths of an ancient Igbo village where a sinister tradition threatens the very essence of its people.

Led by Kanayo O. Kanayo, Chidi Mokeme, Jide Kene Achufusi, Ebele Okaro, Queen Nwokoye, Obi Okoli, Chineye Ndebe, and Echelon Mbadiwe, the film sheds light on the harrowing plight of “Nna Obioha,” a village elder who dares to defy the cruel tradition that demands the sacrifice of a servant upon an elder’s death. Inspired by true events, the narrative challenges the entrenched beliefs of the community, exploring the resilience of the human spirit against centuries-old customs.

Driven by a desire to bring forth a compelling narrative deeply rooted in Igbo tradition, writer Ngozi Ideh envisioned Out of Breath as a groundbreaking epic tale that transcends the boundaries of conventional Nollywood storytelling. Director Obi Emelonye elevates Ideh’s vision by crafting an all-Igbo language film, seamlessly intertwining culture and heritage to depict a riveting true story set in 1940s rural Nigeria.

Out of Breath offers a poignant exploration of humanity’s resilience in the face of entrenched customs and the enduring power of hope amid adversity.

Key Background

Obi Emelonye, a Nigerian film director, has made significant waves in the industry with his acclaimed works such as Last Flight to Abuja (2012), The Mirror Boy (2011), and Onye Ozi (2013). Notably, amidst the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Emelonye made history by directing the first-ever film via Zoom. Collaborating remotely with cast members in both London and Lagos, the resulting movie, Heart 2 Heart, garnered widespread critical acclaim from media outlets worldwide.

In December 2022, Emelonye’s contributions to cinema were further recognized when he was honoured with the British Urban Film Festival honorary award. Producer/director Don Omope presented him with the accolade, acknowledging Emelonye’s outstanding 20+ years of dedication to the craft of filmmaking. This recognition solidifies Emelonye’s status as a trailblazer in the industry, showcasing his enduring impact and innovation in storytelling.



Reflecting Nigeria’s multifaceted past through cinema has emerged as a compelling trend in the country’s film industry, offering filmmakers a canvas to portray pivotal historical moments, cultural traditions, and societal dynamics.

With an array of cinematic endeavours, directors have delved into various chapters of Nigeria’s history, bringing to life stories that resonate with audiences and shed light on the nation’s rich heritage.

Films such as October 1 and Half of a Yellow Sun have transported viewers back to critical junctures in Nigeria’s journey, capturing the complexities of pre-independence struggles and the harrowing realities of the Biafran War. Through meticulous attention to detail and nuanced storytelling, these movies serve as poignant reminders of Nigeria’s resilience in the face of adversity and offer profound insights into the forces that have shaped the nation’s identity.

Moreover, contemporary Nigerian cinema has also embraced narratives that delve into the intersection of tradition and modernity, offering nuanced portrayals of cultural heritage and societal evolution. Works like The Lost Okoroshi and 76 blend elements of folklore, mythology, and contemporary themes to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on both emotional and intellectual levels. By revisiting and reimagining Nigeria’s past through the lens of cinema, filmmakers not only preserve cultural memory but also stimulate dialogue, foster understanding, and contribute to the ongoing narrative of the nation’s identity and collective consciousness.

In Summary 

Additional details regarding the release date and distribution platform for the movie will be announced shortly.

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