Nollywood Week Film Festival 2024 Unveils Lineup of Features and Shorts

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As Nollywood Week Film Festival 2024 unfolds, don’t miss out on these exceptional films that have earned a spot in this year’s programming.

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The Nollywood Week Film Festival (NOW) made its debut in 2013 in Paris, France, driven by the passion of film enthusiasts Nadira Shakur and Serge Noukoue. Recognizing a void in representation for the diverse Black community in Europe, particularly in France, they set out to create a platform dedicated to showcasing the vibrant Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood.

Over the past decade, NOW has evolved into a celebration of Nollywood’s cultural significance while also fostering connections between Francophone and Anglophone Africa.

As the foremost promoter of Nigerian cinema, NOW has become synonymous with excellence in curation, drawing attention not only to Nollywood but also to compelling productions from across Africa and the African Diaspora. Beyond film screenings, the festival offers a dynamic program featuring workshops, conferences, and Q&A sessions with industry professionals, providing attendees with opportunities to engage directly with African talent.

NOW has played a pivotal role in elevating the global profiles of emerging filmmakers and actors, and its upcoming 11th-anniversary promises to continue this legacy of discovery and celebration.

Selected Title Details

The Nollywood Week Film Festival will present a handpicked lineup of about 15 titles, encompassing works from both Nigeria and beyond, culminating with the screening of “This Unexpected Love” as the closing film. Below is a list of the featured titles, along with the director’s name, duration,  production date, and country

Feature Films

All The Colors of The World Are Between Black and White (2023)| Directed by Babatunde Apalowo| Duration 93 minutes| Nigeria

Atoka (2023)| Directed by Seun Afolabi| Duration| Duration 114 Mins| Nigeria

Dead Serious (2024)| Directed by  Moses Inwang| Duration 120 Mins| Nigeria

Dynamite (2023)| Directed by Uche Aguh| Duration 60 Mins| Ghana

Mvera (2023)| Directed by Daudi Otieno Anguka| Duration 114 Mins| Kenya

Sista (2023)| Directed by Biodun Stephen| Duration 94 Mins| Nigeria

The Highway (2023)| Directed by Stephen Nkengafec Nchonganti| Duration 105 Mins| Cameroun

This Unexpected Love (2024) | Directed by Abdias Laguerre | Duration 92 mins | United States

Short Films

A Quiet Monday (2023)| Directed by Dika Ofoma| Duration 22 Mins | Nigeria

Allies(2023)| Directed by Salif Cisse| Duration 15 Mins| France

Angies Love (2023)| Directed by Bayo Lambo| Duration 15 Mins| Nigeria

Halima”s Choice (2023)| Directed by Korede Azeez| Duration 24 Mins| Nigeria

Locked – In (2023)| Directed by Stephanie Boateng| Duration 11 Mins| Ghana

Super Wouman (2023)| Directed by Julio Hodénou TEKO| Duration 30 Mins| Togo

The Perfect Knight (2023) Directed by Stephane Alexandre | Duration 12 Mins| UK

Awards and Prices

Feature films selected for the Nollywood Week Film Festival are vying for the prestigious Audience Choice Award (Prix du Public), bestowed upon the film garnering the highest ratings from the audience. Following each screening, attendees are encouraged to rate the films, with the winner announced during the festival’s Closing Ceremony. Past recipients of this coveted award include acclaimed movies like “King of Boys,” “About a Boy,” “Lockdown,” “Phone Swap,” “The Meeting,” “76,” “The Wedding Party,” and “Isoken.” The winning filmmaker not only earns the esteemed NollywoodWeek Trophy but also gains access to a selection of high-quality lenses provided by the Angénieux brand, offered on loan free of charge to aid in the production of their next project.

In Summary

The event will take place from May 2nd to May 5th, 2024, at Cinema L’Arlequin in Paris, France.


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