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Meet Aderonke Onuoha, Lead Actress in “Glass House”, An Africa Magic Drama Series

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Aderonke Onuoha is stepping into the Nigerian TV spotlight as she plays the character Adaku in Glass House, a new Africa magic series.

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Glass House is centred around Adaku, who returns from NYSC prepared to begin the next phase of her life and marry the love of her life, Emeka.

When Emeka dies prematurely on the night of their engagement, Adaku sets out to find his killer. Things take a dramatic turn when she learns that she is betrothed to be married to Chief Amadi, the same man she suspects is responsible for Emeka’s death.

A series of events leading to the loss of her pregnancy propels Adaku to accept Chief Amadi’s marriage proposal with the sole aim of destroying Chief Amadi and his family from within. But will she survive this new world as she comes against a powerful matriarch who will go the extra mile to protect her family and her secrets?

Glass House Cast

The series stars Aderonke Onuoha, Francis Onwochei, Ejike Asiegbu, Chucks Chyke, Nonso Adika -Afolabi, Anaekwe Annastasia, Audrey Harrison, Ettajo Maria.

Aderonke Onuoha was born June 22 2000 in Lagos,Nigeria.

Her dad is from Delta (Ogwashi Ukwu) and her mum is from Ogun state (Ijebu Remo) and she was raised by her Grandparents.

Whilst she started her acting career professionally in 2023, Aderonke takes the lead in this new series playing the central character named Adaku Okoli.

The series produced by Native Media premieres on African Magic Showcase channel 151, with new episodes at 8:30 pm from Monday to Wednesday.

Speaking about the series, the budding actress shared more about what audiences can expect from her character and her experience working on the Africa Magic series.

“Adaku transforms from a sweet naive girl to a vengeful woman who will not stop until she has had her pound of flesh. When faced with the possibility of death, Adaku must become the thing she despises the most to survive.

The plan for Adaku’s character is to show how with proper motivation a moral person can abandon their moral code to survive”

This role was different because it brought out dozens of emotions in her quest for revenge. The directors were amazing, they all made working with them seamless, and I love how cooperative the rest of the team were towards the success of this project.”

In Summary 

The Glass House series airs its first episode on April 1st and we can’t wait to see how the story of Aadku played by Aderonke Onuoah unfolds.

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