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Netflix Moves Up Dorothy Ghettuba Ahead of 2024 Slate Expansion

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Netflix has appointed Dorothy Ghettuba in a new African executive capacity as Director of Content for Film and Series.

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From January 2024, Streamer Executive, Dorothy Ghettuba, will serve as the new Director of Content (Film and Series) for Netflix Africa.

Dorothy started at Netflix as a Manager of International Originals in 2019 when the global streamer began its market operations on the continent. After spending two years in that position, she was promoted to director of Africa original series and is now getting a promotion in 2024 to become the director of content for series and film.

Under her administration, she hit the ground running, as Netflix debuted its first African Original, Queen Sono, in February 2020. It then launched the Made In Africa collection later in May that year.

Dorothy has commissioned a diverse catalogue of stories like Blood and Water, Beauty Savage, Far From Home, Blood Sisters, Unseen, How To Ruin Christmas, Jiva, Young, Famous and African, Country Queen, King of Jo’burg, and The Brave Ones.


Key Background

Dorothy Ghettuba is a Kenyan Film/TV entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of the Nairobi-based Spielworks Media. She’s an alumnus of Bucerius School on Global Governance and a 2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow.

Dorothy started her entrepreneurial journey after she left a well-paying job as a venture capitalist in Canada to start her TV production company, Spielworks Media, in Kenya.

She began her media company with no experience or education, save for her passion for creativity and storytelling to convey African stories globally. According to Dorothy, getting funds for production was difficult, so she had to look at her inner circle (friends and families).

“People don’t buy into ideas. They buy into people,” she said.

She began her production which made her into an independent leading force in content creation, production, distribution, and broadcasting award-winning productions, including over fifteen television shows, ten web series, and over forty-one original African movies. The sought-after film executive wears numerous leadership hats as she was also appointed as the Chair of the Kenya Film Commission by President Kenyatta in May 2019.

Dorothy’s exceptional works have earned her several recognitions, which include a prominent selection as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Women in Film in Africa and Top 50 Business People in Kenya. She was also named among C. Hub magazine’s 100 most influential creative personalities in 2016.

In Summary

The new appointment signals the streamer’s move to greenlight more African films to boost the slate of feature titles to watch on the service from 2024 and beyond.

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