Nemsia Films and Evercare Hospital Lekki Join Forces: Breathe’s Hope into Asthma Care

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Nemsia Films, in strategic collaboration with Evercare Hospital Lekki, proudly announces a transformative collaboration aimed at amplifying awareness about asthma and providing essential support to patients through the provision of 100 complimentary inhalers.

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This initiative follows the resounding success of the cinematic masterpiece ‘Breath of Life’ on Prime Naija, a film written and directed by BB Sasore, the co-founder of Nemsia Films, starring and produced by Eku Edewor which recently garnered eleven AMVCA nominations, including Best Movie, Best Director, and Best Writing, underscoring its remarkable impact on Nigerian cinema.

Asthma remains a pervasive chronic respiratory ailment affecting millions globally, with Nigeria bearing one of the highest prevalence rates in Africa. Despite its widespread impact, there persists a dearth of awareness and accessibility to critical medications such as inhalers, indispensable for effectively managing asthma symptoms.

The symbiotic collaboration between Nemsia Films and Evercare Hospital Lekki is poised to cast a beacon on these pertinent issues by fostering awareness about asthma and extending support to 100 underprivileged patients through the provision of complimentary inhalers. Through this concerted campaign, both entities aspire to empower asthma patients, enabling them to reclaim agency over their health and enhance their overall quality of life.

“We are profoundly enthused to unite with Evercare Hospital Lekki in effecting tangible change in the lives of asthma patients across Nigeria,” remarked Derin Adeyokunnu, Co-founder of Nemsia Films. “The resonance of ‘Breath of Life,’ written and directed by BB Sasore, exemplifies the potent role of narrative in catalyzing awareness on critical health issues. Our association with Evercare Hospital Lekki reaffirms our steadfast commitment to advancing this noble cause.”

A notable highlight of ‘Breath of Life’ was the character Elijah, portrayed by Chimezie Imo, whose heartfelt and humorous depiction of asthma punctuated the movie with moments of comedy, adding depth and relatability to the narrative.

As part of the initiative, Nemsia Films and Evercare Hospital Lekki will orchestrate the distribution drive for 100 complimentary inhalers. These initiatives will be hosted at the hospital’s premises in Lekki, Lagos, with a deliberate focus on extending assistance to individuals facing financial constraints in accessing inhalers.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Nemsia Films in spotlighting asthma awareness and extending support to underserved patients through the provision of complimentary inhalers,” remarked Dr. Ayoola Shonibare Chief Medical Officer, Evercare Hospital Lekki. “Asthma demands diligent management. At Evercare Hospital Lekki, we remain committed to transforming healthcare and improving the well-being of the communities we serve by ensuring equitable access to essential care and medications, fostering the well-being of every asthma patient.”

The synergistic partnership between Nemsia Films and Evercare Hospital Lekki underscores the imperative of collective action in tackling public health imperatives. By amalgamating their respective resources and expertise, both entities exemplify their unwavering commitment to effectuating positive change in the fight against asthma in Nigeria.

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