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Mariam Timmer and Chioma Ikokwu’s Beef Heats Up In RHOLagos Ep 8

The eighth episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos gave us a play date, a fight and some fun! This episode finally saw the Mariam Vs Chioma beef from previous episodes boil over during a book reading organised by Tania. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the spicy details that unfolded.

Iyabo made a grand re-entrance after being MIA for the past two episodes. Treated to a rejuvenating spa date by Mariam, they had a catch-up session and discussed Mariam’s claim that Iyabo and Chioma are fake for being friends with Laura, especially after the way they treated Laura last year.

The episode took an emotional turn as Tiannah shared a vulnerable side of herself. Meeting with her friend Queen, Tiannah opened up about her health concerns, revealing that her mother battled thyroid cancer, and she doesn’t want to leave her kids, breaking down in tears. Whew, the emotions from this!

The playdate from hell! A seemingly casual playdate organised by Tania to read her book – Sarai’s Culture Day turned into something else. What started as a mummy-daughter bonding session among friends quickly escalated into a heated affair between Mariam and Chioma. Mariam’s “It’s the fakery for me,” is the reason for this beef.

Let’s rewind a bit, shall we? During the destressing session organised by Mariam in the first episode, she commented that Chioma and Iyabo were acting fake by being friendly with Laura after what happened last year. This was again referenced at Zaza, almost turning into a big argument. The matter finally reached its boiling point with Chioma and Mariam getting into each other’s faces. Mariam made a particularly hurtful statement saying if Chioma had children of her own, she wouldn’t fight in front of kids.

The aftermath of the argument was quite ironic with Chioma crying to Iyabo, while Mariam was having fun with Tiannah at a virtual reality (VR) club. While there, the duo engaged in a discussion about Mariam’s behaviour and her penchant for drama this season. Mariam, true to her style, defended herself, declaring, “I’m outspoken, and I say it the way it is!”

Amid the drama, Laura is planning her white wedding! Joining forces with Faith, Laura went shopping for her dream wedding ring, a poignant moment that showcased a different side to her amidst the chaos.

The episode reached its crescendo with the celebration of Faith Morey’s birthday. With Denrele as the host, the energy was at an all-time high! The party was filled with mouth-watering pieces, and the ladies came in full force without Mariam. The raccoon and Chimpanzee drama is still ongoing so there was no chance Mariam would be invited. The event was filled with glamour, humour and a little tension!

The following episode’s preview hinted at a showdown and as the drama continues to unfold, viewers are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next episode. Don’t miss out on the latest twists and turns — tune in on Showmax! As you watch the new episodes every Friday, you can join the conversation with the hashtag #RHOLagos.

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