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Lafiya Film Produced By Elizabeth Kperrun-Eremie Tackles Open Burning

The Story

Nigerian generates 32 million tonnes of waste in a year, out of which 4.8 million tonnes are burnt openly. This problem is a national health crisis that Lafiya brings to the limelight.

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Engineering X gets creative in its charge against the ineffective disposal of wastes and has collaborated with Nollywood to tackle the pollution menace that is openly burning in Nigeria. 

Produced by Zenafri Ltd,  Lafiya is a film that lays bare the stark reality of life at Nigeria’s waste dumps. It follows Bulama, a tenacious waste-picker who battles the daily hazards of the dumpsite to provide for his family. Amidst the toxic smoke and poverty, the community decides to fight for health and dignity while grappling with the consequences of environmental neglect. 

Executively Produced by Elizabeth Kperrun-Eremie , Lafiya is written by Boma Ilamina – Eremie and directed by Idamiebi Ilamina- Eremie. Key cast of the movie includes Boma Ilamina – Eremie, Suleiman Ridwan Omotayo, Glory Nelson, Chukwuma Godwin Uban, Elizabeth Kperrun – Eremie, Thalia Eremie & Kolawole Timothy.

Key Background

Boma Ilamina – Eremie is a Nollywood actor, writer, and director. His credits include Wetin Dey, The Future Ex Mrs. Apena, Roli & Zehra, Hilta, Fault Lines, A Break From Reality, The Judge, Two Grannies and A Baby, and Her Matters.

Engineering X is an international collaboration company that brings together some of the world’s leading problem-solvers to address society’s great challenges. Their vested interest is in capacity building, safety Improvement and Impact delivery. They achieve this through a vast network fueled by partnerships that extend across the Globe. 

One such partnership with Boma Ilamina-Eremie and Zenafri Ltd has birthed LAFIYA which delves into the unique problem that is the open burning system of eradication of waste.

Zenafri Ltd is more than just a production company. It is a socially focused organization whose primary focus is building educational/interactive mobile applications, creating multimedia content for children and youths and developing educational platforms for children aged 2-10 aimed at helping them develop cognitively and socially.

Change; The Catalyst For Progress

The filmmakers describe the film as “The story of Bulama, where every day is a struggle, every breath a gamble”. The word “Health” is the literal translation of Lafiya from the Hausa language. The film explores new and improved ways of dealing with waste that is not injurious to the health of individuals & communities while also providing improved economic power. It educates and advocates for a change to better, safer systems of doing things.

Lafiya incorporates interviews from various stakeholders in the Nigeria Waste Disposal industry. They give their individual perspectives and insights into the open burning situation in Nigeria. The film reveals gaps between the present situation and what could be. It shines a light on the need to change.


Engineering X has as a founding partner, The Royal Academy of Engineering which describes itself as an organization that is “Harnessing the power of engineering and technology to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that works for everyone”. 

Governmental agencies such as the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency(NESRA), Professional Bodies such as the Nigerian Environmental Society(NES), communities, waste workers, healthcare professionals, charities, Nollywood, and The Nigerian  Music industry all have to be collaborative stakeholders in tackling societal ills.

Further collaborations like this could look into ways to tackle any of the myriad problems that plague our society leveraging advancements in science and technology and the knowledge base and reach of various influential industries such as Nollywood.

In Summary 

Lafiya -A Nollywood Exploratory Film about open burning, its effects, and improved ways of doing things; was released to YouTube on the 12th of April 2024

Nollywood as an industry has the sphere of influence to lead the charge against societal ills. The industry’s mass reach, showmanship, and creativity make it the perfect tool to educate and inculcate better, new and improved ways of doing things.

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