EK 782 to Adapt Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi’s “The Marriage Class” as a TV Show

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EK 782 Films will produce Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi’s The Marriage Class into a six-part drama.


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Newly formed production company, EK 782 Films, has optioned film and TV rights to Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi’s bestselling book, The Marriage Class.  The project is now in development with Lagos-based screenwriter, Eno Udo-Affia, who is adapting the novel into a six-part drama.

Set in the metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria, The Marriage Class is a novel about a group of couples who take the same marriage counselling classes before going to the altar and find themselves at a crossroads in their relationship with one key question… will they or won’t they?  

EK 782 Films is a new production company based in the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. It was founded by producers Enyi Omeruah and Stephen Strachan. The company is dedicated to producing, financing, and distributing quality films and TV that speak to the powerful cultural movements arising in the cities of Lagos, Johannesburg, Dubai, and Riyadh.

EK 782 Films Enyi Omeruah, commented, “I read Adesuwa’s novels last year and fell in love with the characters and world she created in modern-day Lagos.  Nigeria is a society of hyper-transformation, and Adesuwa brilliantly captures the dilemmas, anxieties, and difficulties of relationships and marriage in the most exciting city in the world.” 

Due to popular demand, The Marriage Class has recently been republished for its second run in paperback and can be found at RovingHeights Books, Book Peddler, Buchstor Books, and coming soon at BookNook, The Word Playce, and Boldoz Bookstores. 

Udo-Affia, who has just completed her debut stint as head writer for an 8-episode drama with a European broadcaster, commented, “The second I was given The Marriage Class, I read it in one night. Adesuwa’s novel tackles the most vital issue of the day… marriage. It’s a high-stakes choice in any culture, especially in Nigeria, where we elevate marriage to great heights. The characters and situations jumped out at me, especially as a woman.  I identified with all of them.  We’ve all seen friends and relatives in tough situations with obvious red flags, and you’re questioning everything. I’m honoured to be adapting this amazing book and can’t wait to see this as a TV series.”

Producers Enyi Omeruah and Stephen Strachan will oversee the development of the series for EK 782 Films. Udo-Affia is repped by London and Lagos-based literary management agency, ChudorMMC.

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As far as we know, no cast list has been released for the series. Similarly, no date has been announced for its premiere or the distribution channel it will take. But you can trust Shock to keep you abreast about the details.

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