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Dolapo Adigun Presents Her First Feature “Criminal” Movie For The Big Screens

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Criminal is heading to the Nigerian big screens this week.

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Directed by Dolapo Adigun, Criminal follows a day in the lives of an ex-felon and his gang who hold hostage a doctor and her team in a bid to treat the fatal gunshot wound of his dying brother. Minutes turn into hours as Dr Amara must race against time to turn around the escalating situation or everyone dies.

Nigerian actors Uzor Arukwe and Funlolar Aofiyebi take on the spectrum roles of doctor and Ex-Felon.

Official Trailer and Poster 

The official trailer has been released by Anthill Studios ahead of its May 31st debut on the big screen.

First Feature Outing 

In an exclusive interview with SHOCK Newsroom, Dolapo Adigun talks about her excitement for the movie and what audiences can expect when they see it on the big screen.

Her excitement about her first feature

Directing my first feature, and it’s a thriller. It’s a no-dull-moment, fast-paced story. What an incredible way to begin. And it’s a story written by my mentor, Mr. Niyi.

 Any personal connections to this story?

I wouldn’t say I do. But, Mr. Niyi, the writer does. He got the idea for the story while waiting at a hospital reception after his father had just been diagnosed with Cancer. So it’s a pretty incredible and special project.

What are the themes that the feature explores?

Survival, family, brotherhood, heroism and courage, ethical dilemma e.t.c

Translating spectrum characters of good and evil on screen

Interpret each scene as best as possible, block actors and props in the most artistic position and timing in the hope that that’s enough for the audience to put themselves in the character’s shoes and choose a side. I want everyone to actually think deeply and say “That could have been me, and what would I do if it was”

Dolapo Adigun – Director of Criminal

In Summary 

Criminal movie is Anthill’s second box office presentation for the year 2024, its leading talent and ensemble are projected to debut with a double-digit opening ahead of June titles of “Muri and Ko’s” and “Finding Me”

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