DeShuna Spencer Launches Crowdgiving Platform to Fund Black Creators

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Founder of KweliTV, DeShuna Spencer, has unveiled KweliFund, a pioneering crowdfunding endeavour aimed at financing stories crafted by Black creators, with the ultimate goal of championing Black content.

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kweliTV, a prominent streaming service dedicated to celebrating Black culture globally, has introduced kweliFUND, an innovative crowdfunding platform tailored exclusively for its nearly 500 creators.

This initiative aims to revolutionize the crowdfunding landscape by providing a curated space for supporters to back diverse Black storytellers while gaining direct access to their content.

The crowd-giving platform at launch raises funds exclusively for the filmmakers and creators who have content (films, documentaries, web shows, etc.) currently streaming on kweliTV.

DeShuna Spencer, the Founder and CEO of kweliTV, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to amplifying authentic Black voices and narratives. Spencer stated, “With kweliFUND, we’re not just offering a lifeline for our creators; we’re also providing backers a unique opportunity to contribute to the growth of Black storytelling worldwide.”

kweliFUND sets itself apart by prioritizing quality over quantity, showcasing only 3-10 campaigns at a time, each meticulously vetted. An impressive 98% of the creators featured have participated in film festivals, with 65% earning prestigious awards. Backers are offered an intuitive browsing experience, enabling them to explore projects and access creators’ work directly on kweliTV.

Theo Hollingsworth, a renowned filmmaker whose series Sirius Lee is streaming exclusively on kweliTV, expressed his excitement about being part of the inaugural group of creators on kweliFUND. Hollingsworth emphasized the significance of this initiative for Black filmmakers, highlighting the opportunity to engage directly with the audience and bring meaningful stories to life through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Terms

All of the creatives with campaigns on the kweliFUND are already vetted because they currently have content streaming on kweliTV. The site only approves campaigns for kweliTV’s  200+ filmmakers.

creatives receive what they make whether or not their goal is met. You will be charged once the campaign has ended. However, you may see a temporary authorization of funds at the time you pledge. Authorizations generally drop after a few days, but this process can vary depending on your financial institution.

Can individuals outside the US donate? Yes, if you are able to donate to a campaign using PayPal or a credit card. Keep in mind that the only currency option is the dollar. It’s possible that your final pledge amount may differ based on the exchange rate. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Key Background

KweliTV, a Black-owned streaming platform founded by DeShuna Spencer, leads in curating award-winning and critically acclaimed independent Black films, documentaries, web series, kids shows, animation, audio, and immersive experiences from across the globe.

Offering nearly 1,500 hours of programming, kweliTV is accessible worldwide through various mobile and TV apps, platforms, and educational institutions. “Kweli,” meaning “truth” in Swahili, epitomizes the platform’s mission to curate, distribute, and produce film, TV, audio, and immersive media that authentically celebrates and reflects the diverse experiences of the global Black community. KweliTV is committed to reshaping the Black narrative, challenging implicit bias, and promoting increased visibility and economic inclusion for its nearly 500 creators.

In Summary 

The initiative aims to foster a culture of creativity and innovation within the Black creative community. By providing funding platforms and support, Black creators are encouraged to explore new ideas, experiment with storytelling techniques, and push the boundaries of traditional narratives.

This creates an environment where creators feel empowered to take risks and pursue unconventional storytelling methods, ultimately leading to the development of underrepresented stories and culture on the screen. 

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