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“Daddy’s Love” Directed By Willis Ikedum Confirms Key Cast and Theatrical Run

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The makers of Mummy Dearest are gearing up to release a brand new big-screen project  Daddy’s Love

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Shot on location in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Daddy’s Love features Jibola Dabo, Ex-Big Brother Nigeria housemate Liquorose in her first lead role and newcomer Osakue Izevbigie.
The feature explores themes of dedication, sacrifice and love.
The official plot reads as: “Bond between a dedicated widowed father and his only daughter/child is tested when life sends new love their way.”
In Conversation with the Director of the project
” This is a father’s story from a totally different perspective. Also, I’ve always wanted to do a response to my hit family drama franchise, Mummy Dearest”  – Writer/Director Willis Ikedum on his excitement to tell this story.
On Why this feature was made:
I think we can all agree that men and fathers are rarely appreciated. Not just now, but from when I’ve known the world. Men are usually known as providers, protectors, cheats and physically strong. No one talks about their emotions. Children tend to confide in their mothers more than their fathers.
This translates to care for mothers more as they age. Everyone or most people are guilty of it.
For instance; I spoke to my dad last on January 2nd, but I spoke with my mum this morning before I resumed work. There’s no better time to point people to the soft part of their fathers or father figures in their lives than now. Fathers too should try to create that bond between them and their kids beyond paying school fees and fending for the family.
His approach to screenplay:
When the story was conceived, I didn’t want it to be laughable as it’s a somewhat sensitive topic if you look deeper, but I needed a vehicle to convey the topic in a way that would not rub my audience the wrong way or become preachy. So I added the marriage part to bring in romance and some of course comedy.
Actors Performance: 
I always make my actors happy. I respect their opinions a lot. I also like to put them in a comfortable position unless when the story does not permit it. Even at that, I look for the best way to make it happen. In this film, the actors made some suggestions which are now changes to the story that made the narrative better. Liquorose directed one scene in the film. That’s how open and receptive I am to my actors.
I make sure to communicate at all times. I’m the leader, they are following, and as such, they need directions at every point in the course of the journey. I don’t fail to do that, no matter how minute the information may be to the story or to the entire production.
And, there you have it..!!
Osakue Izevbigie who stars in the project as the husband to Liquorose shares why audiences will love the project
“Honestly, I think everyone is going to love this project, it is a family-friendly film. But most especially widowers, widows, fathers, mothers and children who grew up with just a single parent to see that love and bond re-enactment on the big screen, they are definitely going to love it.
Osakue also states how challenging the script was for him:
I would say I am quite different from the character I played, first and foremost I am not even married. Secondly, I felt like the character (Mina) obviously didn’t know how to manage his new home, so putting myself in that position was challenging for me”.

In Summary

Daddy’s Love is set to begin its cinema run on a date to be announced this year.

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