Chris Odeh Launches Filmmaking Handbook “Before You Say Action”, Begins Global Tour

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Chris Odeh has poured his filmmaking knowledge into his new book Before You Say Action.

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Before You Say Action (BYSA) is an indie filmmaking handbook by Chris Odeh, a Nigerian film producer who’s well known for his movies Rattle Snake, Living In Bondage, Choke, Aki and Paw Paw (2021), Carmen, and Bolude.

Chris is the CEO and Senior Producer of Sozo Films, a one-stop hub for all TV and film production, committed to creating TV & online content, short films and conscious messages for NGOs.

Some of Sozo’s clients include WaterAid, Save The Children, Christian Aid, OXFAM, Sesame Square NY, Office of the Vice-President of Nigeria and more. Sozo Films also creates content for some TV houses like Africa Magic, AMC, Startimes, Ebony Life TV, Africa XP and more.

Chris is the team lead of Coal 360, a training, consulting and artist management firm. Also, he is the partner and manager of Ramsey Nouah and other Actors/Artists in the entertainment industry.

In a bid to launch his filmmaking book, Chris goes on a global tour in places including Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Liberia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Amsterdam.

In an exclusive with Shock newsroom, Chris’s Odeh shares How he sees this book impacting the filmmaking community here in Nigeria;

“So this book is meant to extend me beyond my physical reach because I’ve spent most of the past four, five years if not the past decade training young film-makers on how to equip themselves, position themselves, and grow themselves in a kind of economy when you find little or no grants or little or no funds for filmmakers”.

“And I’ve been physically limited as to where I could but this book extends my information, my knowledge, the education I intend to impact these people with, into a literature where they can now engage with on their own level and get inspired and informed to move ahead and do the things they need to do.
Because in this book, we are not only teaching filmmakers how to make/produce film but also informing film lovers and film enthusiasts about the industry that creates these things they have come to love” – Chris Odeh added.

How To Get The Book

You can now pre-order a copy of Before You Say Action for a discounted cost of N10,000 or $10!

In Summary

Before You Say Action (BYSA) is a good book for upcoming and present filmmakers. You should attend the tour closest to your location to have an experience with the distinguished author and filmmaker himself, Chris Odeh. Watch out for the tour dates!

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