Cheta Chukwu Selected For Torino Film Lab’s Extended Writer-Director Program

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Nigerian filmmaker Cheta Chukwu will develop his next feature “Love is a Deeper Shade of Red” at the 2024 Torino Film Lab.


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TFL Extended – Film is addressed to teams of international audiovisual professionals, with fiction feature film projects at an early development stage, who are willing to dive deep into the writing process through an intensive development workshop.

Throughout the workshop, the participants have the opportunity to discuss their work in group sessions and one-to-one meetings with high-profile tutors and to develop their projects with the support of a creative team of talented writers.

TFL Extended – Film aims at encouraging the creative process necessary to achieve the best possible result for conceiving strong stories, which can meet the audience and market’s requirements.

The programme offers coaching and training adapted to the specific professionals’ needs, along with a 4.5-day trajectory. Other than the training, the participants will have the chance to join the TFL community of international and highly qualified professionals and to enhance their skills while finding productive collaborations and networking with colleagues worldwide.

Online follow-up session: after the workshop, the participants have approx. 2 months to re-work their materials and receive further advice and support on the projects’ development from their tutors with an additional one-time consultancy online.

TFL Extended – Film 2024 is organised in partnership with the Netherlands Film Fund.

Key Background 

Cheta Chukwu Chukwu is a Nigerian writer and director best known for his breakthrough film Payday, a coming-of-age crime comedy that delighted audiences across Nigeria and 9
Francophone countries and was acquired by Netflix and subsequently Amazon Prime.

His upcoming romantic comedy ‘Strawberry Chinny” about an irrational cosmetologist going through a heartbreak is an official selection at Essence Film Festival 2024. He recently wrapped production for Adam Bol a Kazakhstan/Nigerian comedy that was shot in both countries. Cheta’s passion is championing strong female characters and underrepresented communities as he continues to work towards a new era of comedy and drama features that inspire, uplift, and resonate deeply with audiences around the globe.

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