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“Breath Of Life” Dominates Prime Video NG Rankings Since December 15th Global Release

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In a remarkable achievement, the inspirational film “Breath of Life” has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, claiming the top spot on PrimeVideo NG’s charts for an impressive twelve consecutive days.

This milestone is a testament to the film’s powerful message, stellar performances, and its ability to resonate with viewers across diverse backgrounds.


According to, the movie is currently Top 10 in 11 countries namely – Armenia, Benin, Cameroun, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Qatar, Rwanda, Togo, Uganda and Zambia and number 1 in Nigeria and Ghana. 

“Breath of Life” is a captivating story that delves into the depths of the human spirit, offering a profound exploration of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of self-discovery. The film, directed by BB Sasore, has not only entertained but has left an indelible impact on those who have experienced its moving narrative.

Sambasza Nzeribe x Eku Edewor in Breath of Life

The cast, led by Wale Ojo, Ademola Adedoyin, Chimezie Imo, Genoveva Umeh and Eku Edewor has been widely praised for their exceptional performances, breathing life into characters that navigate the complexities of the human experience.

The compelling storytelling, coupled with exquisite cinematography, location, and a powerful musical score, has elevated “Breath of Life” to a cinematic masterpiece.

Wale Ojo in Breath of Life Poster

Writer and Director, BB Sasore expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from audiences worldwide, stating, “We set out to create a film that would inspire and uplift, and the response has exceeded our wildest expectations. 

The fact that ‘Breath of Life’ has held the top spot on Prime Video for twelve consecutive days is a testament to the universal themes of hope and resilience that resonate with people from all walks of life.”

“The success of “Breath of Life” on Prime Video highlights the increasing demand for quality content that goes beyond entertainment, offering audiences a chance to reflect, connect, and find inspiration in the stories being told on screen”, he said.

As the film continues to captivate audiences globally, the creators of “Breath of Life” express their gratitude to everyone who has contributed to its success. The journey of “Breath of Life” is a reminder that, even in a world saturated with content, there is a profound hunger for narratives that touch the heart and soul.

“Breath of Life” is available now for streaming on Prime Video, where viewers can experience the transformative journey that has resonated with audiences worldwide.


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