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Can Your Romantic Partner Pick The Bills? – Watch “Banking on Love” Episode 4

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How do you say no to the financial request of your partner? Watch the brand new episode of “Banking of Love” now showing on Ndani TV.

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Banking on Love by Abimbola Craig is a show where singles are invited on blind dates to seek their taste when it comes to finance and finding love. It has a total of four episodes so far leaving one with euphoria and truth of love and finance.

Each episode is themed with a question on finance with episode 4 titled  “Can you pick up the bills when I’m down?”

These singles on a blind date are presented with cards containing questions about financing which are listed below:

  • How do you feel about sharing financial responsibilities like bills?
  • What habit do you think is draining your finances and are you willing to stop them?
  • Are there any financial milestones you’d like to achieve as a couple?
  • How do you handle financial disagreements?
  • How do you say No to the financial request of your partner

Finance has a big influence on love and relationships. It should not be overlooked or underestimated.

Watch the episode now and feel free to use the question in your romantic relationships

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