Baba Agba To Serve As SA To Honorable Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy on Film And Music

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The office of the Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy, under the leadership of Barrister Hannatu Musa Musawa has announced the appointment of Baba Agba as the SA to the ministry on film and music.

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Baba Agba will be working with the Ministry of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy to craft policies and initiatives that will drive the growth of the business of film and music in the country and also make a better and enabling environment for international collaborations.

The announcement was made by Alhaji Adedayo Thomas yesterday, the 14th of November 2023, at The Third Peace Anyiam Osigwe Nigeria Digital Content Regulatory Conference where he also delivered a speech on behalf of the honourable minister. 

Minister’s Goodwill Message 

1. I am delighted to be part of this important event convened as a forum that brings together all players in the audio-visual value chain, with a specific focus on the digital space.

2. Innovations in technology, the growth of broadband infrastructure, and the proliferation of digital screens have combined to create a fascinating new order—the ability to deliver even more audio-visual products than ever before and the unique challenges that it presents.

3. How do we want our digital spaces to exist? How do we want to grow and regulate it? What are the best practices that achieve the best outcome for the public interest?

4. These questions and many more shall be discussed and fully explored, and solutions proffered by the relevant subject matter experts here present, are the key to us charting the best course forward.

5. It is for this reason that platforms like this, which bring the key stakeholders together are critical to our sectoral development.

6. I would like to thank the Executive Director/CEO of the NFVCB, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas and the staff of the NFVCB, for charting this course and wishing us all another
successful conference.

7. Let me assure you, that the administration of His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, is focused on promoting and attracting investments and partnerships in and to Nigeria and is keen to create the right framework that encourages ease of doing business, serves the public interest and helps us achieve our collective aspirations for this key sector of the economy. Nigeria will continue to provide the enabling environment for digital businesses to thrive.

Key Background

With a rare blend of economic expertise and cinematic brilliance, Baba Agba stands as a
luminary in the global creative sphere. His academic pursuits at Queen Mary University of London beautifully intertwine with his artistry developed at prestigious film schools and institutions such as Met Film School at Ealing Studios, London, LA Centre Studios, and the Marche du Film at the Cannes Film Festival.

A testament to his exceptional talents, in 2022, Baba was awarded the esteemed United Nations World Trade Organisation (UNWTO) Excellence in Creativity Award, a recognition reserved for individuals who have made transformative impacts in their fields.

Holding significant industry roles such as the Thematic Lead for the Creative Economy
Thematic Group (CETG) of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) {2021 – 2023} and
the National Secretary of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP) {2020 – 2023}, Baba’s
influence is not limited to just the artistic realm.

Steaming from his passion for change and knowledge sharing, Baba was also instrumental as the Head of Department for Cinematography at the respected EbonyLife Academy {Jan 2023 – Jun 2023), where he mentored and shaped the next generation of filmmakers and cinematographers. Beyond these positions, Baba’s voice and insights have been sought after at various international platforms. He has delivered enlightening papers and lectures at numerous forums, reflecting his deep knowledge and commitment to developing the creative industry.

In addition, his teaching stints have ranged from guiding fledgling film enthusiasts to refining
the skills of established professionals, underscoring his versatility as both an educator and

His creations, spanning film to photography, have resonated globally, leading to collaborations with industry luminaries and distribution on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Showmax. Yet, beyond his captivating artistic endeavours, Baba’s influence has impacted policy-making circles.

His role in advising key government stakeholders, coupled with his membership in pivotal committees like the Creative Industries Post Covid-19 Recovery Plan Committee of the Federal Government of Nigeria, which led to his UNWTO Award, showcases his comprehensive contributions to Nigeria’s creative and economic
landscapes. A member of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP), the Director’s Guild of Nigeria
(DGN), and the Production Collective, Baba Agba’s multifaceted career paints the portrait of a visionary who has indelibly shaped both the world of cinema and the broader creative
economy of Nigeria. He is happily married, and the union is blessed with a child

Film Credits

Ojukokoro {Greed} (2017) (Co-producer)
A Cemetery of Doves (2019)(Producer)
Halima’s Choice (2023)(Cinematographer)
Journey of the Beats (2022)(Cinematographer)
Ojukokoro {Greed} (2017)(Cinematographer)
The Lost Cafe (2017)(Cinematographer)
Farming (2018) (Nigerian Unit Cinematographer)
Born in New York, Raised in
Paris (2018) (Cinematographer)
A Cemetery of Doves (2019)(Cinematographer) as well as several music videos for wurld such as mad, wayo, story, stamina

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