Related Motions Teases “Agemo” First Look Photos Ahead of 2024 Release [EXCLUSIVE]

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Agemo, directed by Moshood Abiola Obatula, is set to debut in 2024. Here’s all you need to know about the feature.

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The narrative of Agemo critically explores themes of manipulation, power dynamics, and the consequences of exploiting the vulnerable. It sheds light on issues such as manipulation, secrecy, and the exploitation of the weak by those in positions of power, unveiling hidden agendas prevalent in contemporary society. This mystery-thriller feature serves as a symbolic reflection of the challenges faced by women, epitomized by the mysterious fate of female corps members in the town.

Developed over the space of four months, the title explores the themes women’s struggles and empowerment; supernatural forces and consequences; mystery and secrets; and manipulation and power dynamics. These themes collectively contribute to the depth and complexity of Agemo, offering audiences a thought-provoking and engaging narrative that goes beyond the surface of a supernatural mystery.

In his response on whether he has any connection to the story, Obatula explains that it is his story, developed with the writer, Esther Olayinka.

In the success of any movie production, there is no denying that the performance of the actors plays a major role. To this end, the expertise of a director is seen in how they are able to get the best out of the actors they work with. For Obatula, open communication and fostering an open and honest line of communication with actors were major ways the best was gotten from the actors he worked with on the project.

In his words, “Encourage them to share their thoughts, questions, and concerns about their characters and the script. This collaboration helps build trust and a shared understanding of the project. Engage in thorough discussions about the characters. Encourage actors to delve into their characters’ backgrounds, motivations, and emotions. This exploration helps my actors embody their roles authentically and adds depth to their performances,” he explained.

Lastly, I periodically review footage with actors to provide them with insights into their performances. This collaborative review process allows for adjustments and improvements, fostering continuous growth,” he added.

While responding to those he thinks the movie will appeal to, he said, “Agemo has the potential to appeal to a diverse audience due to its combination of genres, themes, and narrative elements.” The primary target audience for this story could include fantasy and supernatural enthusiasts, cultural enthusiasts, women’s empowerment advocates, fans of open-ended and thought-provoking endings, genre-blending enthusiasts, and those seeking atmospheric and visual experiences.

Agemo was written by Esther Olayink (@adufeee_), directed by Moshood Abiola Obatula (@directormosh), and co-produced by Adewale Obatula (@adewaleobatula), Oluwashina Olanrewaju (@director.shine) and Saheed Busari (@saheedbusarii), while  Papama Tungela (@novativein) is the director of photography for the projects.

Though no specific date has been confirmed yet, Agemo will launch sometime in 2024.

First Look Images of Agemo

Key Background

Moshood Abiola Obatula, born in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, nurtured his early passion for the arts. His journey into the world of filmmaking led him to study film and TV at City Varsity University Johannesburg Campus. It was during these formative years that his unique vision began to emerge, earning him critical acclaim for his remarkable debut short film, Stretch and Plague, which secured the prestigious Best Director award at a local film festival.

He is renowned for his visually stunning and emotionally charged films, earning him the reputation of a dark visionary. His signature style is marked by meticulous attention to cinematography, employing long takes and unconventional framing to submerge the audience in the narrative’s depths.

Obatula seamlessly blends genres, infusing his films with elements of magical realism and vibrant cultural motifs that contribute to the distinctiveness of his work.

Moshood Abiola Obatula has emerged as an independent filmmaker and the visionary founder of Related Motion, a production company. His international acclaim is a testament to his bold storytelling and visually striking compositions. Related Motion films are celebrated for their profound ability to evoke deep emotions and provoke thoughtful reflection. His cinematic prowess has firmly established him as a notable figure in the film industry, leaving an indelible mark as a dark visionary with a unique perspective on the complexities of human experience.

In Summary

While the year 2023 wraps up in the next few days, the year 2024 seems quite promising as different production companies have rolled out titles slated for release in the year to come. With the kind of narrative from Agemo, we look forward to seeing the reaction of the Nigerian audience.

It is yet to be announced whether the movie will go directly to streamers or be released in cinemas. But you can trust Shock to fill you in first on that. Watch out!


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