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Africa Magic’s “Grandpa Know Best” Produced By Salt & Truth Premieres February 3rd

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Grandpa Knows Best is a brand new Africa Magic TV Show to spice your Saturday evening.

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Produced by John Adewusi and Jola Ayeye under the production banner of Salt and Truth, Grandpa Knows Best is an African magic commissioned series that begins airing this February.

In the unexpected whirlwind of Tade Idejo’s life, a blast from his not-so-distant past, Naya, reappears with startling news– she’s pregnant. As Tade, a grandfather in his 70’s navigates this revelation, he is shocked yet again to find that his son Segun has been asked for a divorce by his sweet and long-suffering wife.

The series directed by Adeola Osunkojo stars Sunday Omobolanle (Aluwe), Chioma Okafor, Yemi Blaq,
Juliana Olayode, Uche Chika Elumelu

Intergenerational family relationships, finances, social status, love and relationships are the core themes explored in the family drama series which airs every Saturday on Africa Magic Family by 8 pm.


Created 2 years ago and redeveloped for TV for 6 months, the series was pitched to Africa Magic series last year. Producers John Adewusi and Jola Ayeye reveal that the story was something they had been playing with for a little while, a free-spirited very mischievous grandpa and his more uptight children, and all
the trouble he could get into.

After playing with and modifying the idea over time, they pitched it, Africa Magic loved it and now the series has been programmed for a February TV debut

In Conversation Exclusive

“The grandpa character, I think the character is extremely funny and also the fact that it was a blend of lead characters from different ages and worlds and they were both crazy.

Usually, you have a case of either but with this, we are able to see that mischief is not unique to a certain – Director Adeola Osunkojo on her excitement for working on the project

Chioma Okafor who plays the female co-lead reveals her challenge to bring the script to life.

“The fact that my character was very focused and badly behaved from A to Z. There was never a time when she wasn’t plotting or scheming her come-up. It was also a very unique character with her quirks and
all so even though it was challenging, it was also very fun.

Juliana Olayode on what audiences can look forward to if they watch the series. “It is a family show so there’s something for everyone. Young adults will love the fact the parents are being held accountable, the older people will find the story funny and relatable”

Uche Chika on what she loves about the series – “I love this project because I think it’s very relevant and necessary for our society because most times older Nigerians are always an accessory to the stories we are currently telling. It is almost as if as you get older you just disappear, so the moment I got the script I smiled because finally a story whose lead character is a mischievous older man

In Summary 

If you are looking for a series that has stories of heart rooted in family, with all the ups and downs that come with it – you should watch Grandpa Knows Best every Saturday

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