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Adekunle Bryan Shares The Creative Process Behind “Bottomline”, Ndani TV series.

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Ndani TV has launched a new workplace comedy that everyone finds funny.

Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes chat with the director of the series.

Director Adekunle Bryan

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In this video, Bryan shared how the creative team faced a pivotal decision early on—”we didn’t want it to be just slapstick comedy. We recognized our Nigerian audience’s love for humor but also wanted to add layers of intelligence and wit to the story. Our aim was to achieve a 30% slapstick and 70% intelligent humour blend”

Watch the full interview below

From quirky office banter to wild client requests, Bottomline captures the essence of office culture with a comedic touch. Featuring a talented cast, including Bisola Aiyeola, Akah Nnani, Ikechukwu, Blessing Obasi Nze, Tope Olowoniyan, Mike Afolarin, Susan Pwajok, each adding their unique humor to the storyline.

Written by Lois Truly, Olu ‘SLK’ Salako, and Egbemawei Sammy, and directed by Bryan Adekunle, the series presents various comedic scenarios in each episode, ensuring an engaging viewing experience.

NdaniTV’s dedication to creating quality, culturally relevant content in Africa shines through “Bottomline.”

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