Accelerate TV’s The Olive Releases It’s Second Season

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Accelerate TV’s drama series, The Olive, is back for a second season.

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Nollywood is changing the content creation game, with intriguing series. At the forefront of this movement is the series, The Olive which is back for a 2nd season.

The Olive is a gripping thriller, conspiracy, murder, and vengeance that follows the story of Anayo after he uncovers evidence of his wife’s affair with Ibrahim, a rich and powerful Kingpin. He finds himself in a dangerous and deadly situation.

According to the creators, “The series delves into the dark world of deception and secrecy, where truth is a rare commodity and trust is easily broken.”

Directed by Tolu Ajayi and Edith Nwekenta and produced by Esse Akwawa, this drama-thriller has a stellar cast featuring Ibrahim Suleiman, Theresa Edem, Joke Silva, Michael Ejoor, Stephanie Coker Aderinokun and a host of other talents.

In Summary

Episode 1 of The Olive season 2 is out on Accelerate Plus and Accelerate TV’s YouTube channel.

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