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“A Tribe Called Judah” Finishes Theatrical Run With Record N1.4B – Full Data Breakdown

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The N1 billion pathway for a Nollywood big-screen product has been laid, can it be followed?

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A Tribe Called Judah, co-directed and produced by Funke Akindele has taken a bow at the big screen after 70 days. The title is now ranked as Nollywood’s highest-grossing movie of all time with a gross number of N1.4 billion.

The action comedy stars Funke Akindele, Timini Egbuson, Jide Kene Achufusi, Uzee Usman, Tobi Makinde, and Olumide Oworu in key roles and follows a family heist to rob a luxury furniture store in a mall, only to find armed robbers already inside when they arrive.

The Breakdown of the Box Office Milestone

Day 0: N0 (Dec 15th)

Day 3: N122,693,875,057 (Dec 17th)

Day 6: N 237,981,281 (Dec 21st)

Day 14: N 925,067,137 (Dec 28th)

Day 21: N1,035,682,627 (Jan 4th)

Day 24: N1,171,923,682 (Jan 7th)

Day 28: N1,236,189,744 (Jan 11th)

Day 31: N1,296,686,092 (Jan 14th)

Day 35: N1,320,874,174 (Jan 18th)

Day 38: N1,350,028,330 (Jan 21st)

Day 42: N1,363,996,675 (Jan 25th)

Day 49: N1,384,315,042 (Feb 1st)

Day 56: N1,395,373,932 (Feb 8th)

Day 59: N1,398,872,790 (Feb 11th)

Day 66: N1,403,209,342 (Feb 18th)

Day 70: N1,404,187,806 (Feb 22nd)

Key Insights

With an early December debut, a tribe called Judah was well-positioned for success. More than that, its pedigree from its actress-turned-executive producer backed this comparative advantage and wielded it into a box office force.

From the data above, the biggest gains experienced by the title is seen in week 3.

Theatrical Record

The three-time record mogul, Funke Akindele with historical box office titles, namely:

A Tribe Called Judah (N1.4 billion), Battle on Buka Street (N668 million) and Omo Ghetto The Saga (N636 million). One thing is sure for Funke, she has held it down at the Nigerian box office, becoming the first ever Nollywood producer to cross over to the billion rank at the box office.

The film is now expected to debut on a streaming platform before Q3 2024.

In Summary

The record-breaking film wrapped up in cinemas on February 25, 2024, with N1.4 billion in Nigerian cinemas, 3.5 million CFA (Francophone countries), and £83,000. This is fantastic news and a win for West Africa as a whole.

However, what should we expect going forward?

Will another producer be able to smash this feat in no time or one should expect Funke Akindele to dominate for a long while?

By 2025 we shall find out.

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