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5 Data Insights From 2023 Prime Video Consumer Data

The Story⚡

From the top 30 movies watched by Nigerian Prime Video subscribers in 2023, here are the top 5 key insights that might interest you.

5 Insights

1. Brotherhood Demand:  The Nigerian Crime Action takes the top spot by staying in the top 10 for 183 days. This title debuted on Prime Video in January and has stayed in the top 10 charts for about 6 months.  This clearly shows how audiences are attracted to well-executed action sequences, strong male leads and memorable characters that drive entertainment value.

2. Cinema Exhibition as a Marketing Tool: The top 3 titles are now clearly defined banker hits both at the box office( Combined Revenue of N1.29B) and on streaming platforms (Top 3 most Viewed Title). 46.66% of the titles on the overall top 30 list made a box office run whilst the rest are direct-to-streaming titles with only Gangs of Lagos as an original.

This reflects how the licensing strategy of getting cinema titles works as it serves as a tool for pre-marketing or a test of demand for titles and makes a gauge if it can perform well with streaming consumers.

3. 2022 Recurring Titles like King of Thieves, Hey You, and The Blood Covenant show strong Franchise Potential because this is their second year of streaming and their demand hasn’t slowed down one bit. These metrics also reflect how the output deal signed with Inkblot and Anthill is yielding appealing titles.

4.  Local Demand Metrics: 2023 was a great year for Nollywood as the charts signal how its demand has increased every year. In 2022, the top 30 titles featured 53.3% of local content. 2023 saw a great jump to 83% which is quite astonishing.

5. Surprise Hits: As we have silent box office hits, so do we for streaming titles. Last year Prime Video had  2 Nollywood titles that made us ask “From Where?” as they had zero rollout buzz. The first is Imade, a Toyin Abraham-directed title and Raised Apart, a title from Ken Ogbo.

Top 30 Charts

In Summary

Does the average Nigerian consumer have a taste for good content or are rather still using star profiles to adjudicate titles?

This is still hard to answer but one sure thing is, if the story is engaging enough, it will find its audience.


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